Caitlyn Christensen

Recent Projects & Experiments
Screenshot of the Moshimelon website
Details: Top to bottom installation and configuration of Wordpress and Woocommerce on a LAMP stack virtual server, with custom mobile-first theme development featuring client artwork.
Details: Top to bottom installation and configuration of Wordpress, utilizing a third party plugin to integrate into a Magento 2 storefront. Custom theme and module development to match aesthetic to the Magento storefront, as well as to create a powerful, dynamic homepage experience that is easily managed by non-developers.
PHP, JS, HTML, CSS. Unpublished while Magento 2 development finishes.
A simple, interactive page featuring jQuery, CSS animations, and a particularly cute SVG cat. HTML, CSS, jQuery.
Screenshot of the Strapp dev tools dashboard.
The 'Strapp'
Intranet accessible toolset for Completely custom application, built on the Symfony framework. Includes users and permissions, multiple apps for automating internal processes, searchable product databases, CMS to aid in quickly creating and pricing in-house production items, and scripts for exporting and processing product data into a Magento 2 readable format.
Symfony 4, PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS (Bootstrap), SQL
Roliana Avatar Community Avatar creation page
Gamified phpBB forum community showcasing detailed, customizable pixel art avatars. Took over lead development in 2014, after 7 years of content management moderation, and occasional development for the website. Under my ownership I completely redesigned the website and underwent sweeping upgrades, migrating from phpBB2 to phpBB3, decoupling legacy modifications from the phpBB core files by rewriting code into distinct MVC structured modules.
Contributed to development of content management tools for uploading and processing images, creating new 'clothing' items for avatars, and distributing items and awards to user accounts. Developed and deployed a multitude of new games and features, including limited run events such as scavenger hunts and competitions. Additionally, modified several open source Javascript/HTML5 based minigames, adding the ability to send scores to leaderboards and reward-granting systems. Roliana was sunsetted in 2019.